The Quitters Never Win

Early this year I’ve finished my study in Bachelor in Engineering (Civil), early January to be exact. 2 weeks later, I worked as Temporary HR Assistant in one international company here in my place. It has been a wonderful experience for me to be working in HR Team for 3 months contract basis. Even so, it has nothing to do with Civil Engineering, but though it thought me a lot about the management and administration of the company. It does make me a little bit wiser and something to add into my general knowledge which is I thought very valuable as a beginner like me.

2 days after I completed my contract, I started working in a Civil Construction Company as a QAQC Assistant, also a contract basis job. At first, I was so excited to be working in my major of study. However, the excitement wasn’t stay long. To be working under pressure, on site construction and to deal with main-contractors and client, oh mannn I tell you, it never easy. I even intended to quit at some point of my time. Some of my colleagues called me a cry-baby as they thought that I cannot working under pressure, cannot get scolded and cannot work under hot weather. When I think back, if I was in their position I would think the same idea of why-do-this-girl-wanna-quit-too-soon? You know what, that’s why I am still here, still working here, because the quitters never win.


Some of my friends, advised me to stay working here in order to get paid, I mean to get the salary, the money, money, mmoneyyy. You know what, It ends up. not about the money that I am looking for. It is more to experience, working environment and the most is to enjoy working. I was wrong all this time about chasing money. I was so wrong about demanding the expected salary when I applied for job vacancies. It has nothing to do with the money if you are chasing for something more to life. Love your job, then you will enjoy working, and money will come later.

Once again, the quitters never win. Please, guys, don’t quit too soon because you will never see the result of your hard works.



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My Little Opened Diary

Hi. Err. Hello. It’s me y’all. It has been ages since the last time I update my writing. What a life. It quite sucks when to look back the previous posts I have posted. Dang it! Like whats? Ha Ha Ha. Okay, enough with that kind of omg-I-want-to-say-that-it-was-so-looonggg. Argh. Whatever. Let’s just get back to business, shall we?

Okay. Okay. Hmmm. Okayyyy! How should I start it all over again? Actually I came back after all these years. After all the dramas. After I have forget you (You = Blog! Focus please. Not any related human being mentioned, just the blog that I have missed out so much. Bruhhh!) What’s the last post I have posted? On what date? Imma just too lazy to look back. You know that kind of feeling of moving on. Okay, it started sounding like a little “love-drama” going on here.


You know what, this blog will soon be my little opened diary that anyone could just get access to and read all my stupid little complaints about my everyday roller coaster ride. WHY? Because I thought I would be okay to not have that long-late-night-conversation-with. So, you will be a place for me to let go of everything I wanna say in my heart, because you know, you not human. You won’t judge me to whatever I have to say. Ha Ha Ha. Sound so gayyy. So forever alone. Don’t read if you don’t like it. It just my plain paper to write. Okay, why so serious?

Ooops. One more thing, why would I post it online? Why would I make it as an opened diary? Because I feel sucks that no one listen. If you feel what I feel. As I post it online, people browse it, from all over across the world, there will be someone who will spend a little time reading this. An imaginary listener to my kind of imaginations. It does make me feel a little bit better. If nobody read it, I still feel like Hey-my-followers-read-it-I-know kind of feeling. Ha Ha Ha.

Enough. Keep the whole story later on. Bye for now.


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Life: The Past.

Some people just cannot let go of their pasts. There are a lot of reasons why they be like that. I, personally don’t own the power to let you guys to let go the feeling instead of you, yourself. So, here are some quotes that I found, that might make you think about it🙂







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Quotes: What famous people say?





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Motivational quote for August 6th 2012

Motivational quote for August 6th 2012.

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SMILE: How to be HAPPY?

The day forward, the coming moment and the uncertainty, we never know what will happen. The thing that concerns us is that, do the upcoming/incoming things/events will make us happy or just another bad day for us? Whatever it will turn to become, just smile and be happy!🙂 The fact that, how could we be happy on such cases? So, here are some tips. Enjoy them!🙂








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